Monday, July 21, 2014

Who Needs a Pool When You Have a Creek?!?!

I think we are in love with summer.  We are still as busy as ever {seriously, we've not had one week yet without traveling}, but what's not to love about the hot days, warm nights, cool treats, grilled dinners, and trips to the creek?!  Yes, the creek was apart of Matt's and my childhood, so we have started to make it apart of Jude's you can see last year's visits here and here}.  He definitely loves it, too.  We went a couple weeks ago to keep the tradition alive, and it was hard to tear him away at the end of our visit.  From rock throwing, minnow watching {because those little things are so hard to catch}, and crawl dad hunting, he loved it all.  We hope to be back sooner than later. {Please note: this creek visit was the week before Matt went to India, and we are so excited that he arrives home this week.}

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  1. The patriotic bunting could not have been a better addition to these already great pics!