Friday, August 16, 2013

A Fishing First

Sometime back...a few weeks ago...we took Jude fishing.  We love giving Jude the opportunity to get out and explore nature, especially since he and the outdoors are best buds or something like that.  We went to a creek that we had never visited before, and it was little bigger than Jude was ready to explore.  Nevertheless, after feeling safe, secure, and throwing about 50 rocks into it, he was ready.  We showed him how to fish and he gave it a go, but when a one year old doesn't get a reaction after about 10 seconds they are onto something else.  Jude found the live fishing bait and the tackle box to be a lot more entertaining.  We ended our fishing trip without fish, but who's to say it was about catching fish anyway?!?! ;)

^^^Because when a man is in the wild, he must flex his muscles a lot. ;)

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