Monday, April 27, 2015

Hello Again + An Announcement + Our Disney Getaway

Dusting off the cobwebs of the dear old blog today.  To our readers, a big thank you for being patient as a lot has been going on lately {and that is probably an understatement}.  Now, if you follow Matt + me on IG, Twitter, or FB, you are most likely aware of some of the happenings going on.  The greatest joy in our life right now is...


This was very surprising and welcoming news.  We have always had our heart set on having at least 3 children and since we have had fertility issues in the past, we thought it best to try right away.  So, when I was feeling completely exhausted for the first part of the year, I never dreamed it was due to being pregnant.  We found out when we were a little over 11 weeks along...almost through the first trimester!!  This week we get the joy of finding out the gender of this little one.  This process is very familiar, yet so exciting even still.  We truly appreciate all of the love we have received from all of our family and friends already concerning this announcement.

In other news, Spring Break happened to be a pretty exciting week for us too.  We were able to take the boys on a family vacation to Orlando, Florida.  Our time included staying with our our friend, Robert {aka Uncle Robert}, going to Disney's Magic Kingdom, and visiting the ocean.  All of it was a bit of fantastic whirlwind.

Magic Kingdom was every bit of the magic and more.  Jude loved it so much.  To a boy that loves boats, cars, trains, and Mickey, was a moment that he won't soon forget.  Actually, he brings up Disney World almost daily and our trip was over a month ago already.  The most precious moment of the day came at the very end of our time there.  We got to meet Mickey Mouse himself.  Jude pretty much jumped out of his daddy's arms to hug Mickey.  The excitement and awe he had in his eyes during that moment was just so special.  

The visit to the ocean was also a very noteworthy occasion.  It was Ezra's first time to the beach.  Since he was born at the end of October he has never experienced the sunny, warm weather like we did there.  I think it was love at first experience for him though.  He would just lay in the sun without one cry of discomfort and even took a nap on his beach towel.  As far as the ocean goes, it certainly was not warm water, but he loved splashing in it nevertheless.  Of course, this is Jude's 2nd time at the beach and he was rather pro at it too.  Building and digging in the sand seems to be his specialty or even chasing birds around.  

All in all, the vacation was well-spent and most enjoyed.  Here are some of our captured moments. :)