Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Warm Thoughts

As I sit and write this the current temperature is 8 degrees.  Not too bad, right?!?!  Especially considering that that is the highest it's been all day.  Not to mention the wind chill factor! Will we ever break from this frrreeeezing weather?  Sure, I know we will, but until then maybe we should all take a vacation somewhere far south.  Not enough money?  No time off work?  Yep, same thing here.  Sad times.  All may not last, though.  There is an alternative.  Last Tuesday (another day of subzero temps), Matt suggested that we go the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati to see their Spring exhibit.  This man is brilliant, I tell ya, because it was definitely the perfect quick and cheap break from the cold.  Jude had the best time.  He was in the best mood and ran around the place like it was a playground.  If you are needing some reprieve from the cold, we highly suggest a visit.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Getting Out of the House

We've reentered the blogosphere after a quick break.  It started out as just a few days, but then it was kind of nice so we stretched it a little further.  Let's play catch up, shall we?  Not sure how the weather has been where you are from, but that is pretty much all the talk here in the Midwest.  We are experiencing a record breaking winter for snow and cold temperatures.  While most are pretty frustrated at this, Matt & I have had a few two-hour delays and snow days. H O O R A Y for more family time.  We've spent a lot of those days holed up in the house playing trains with Jude.  Even with how great being home is, it can still make you a little stir crazy.  This weekend we didn't let the weather deter us from venturing about.  We got the privilege of watching Blayze for my sister on Monday, so with a one-year-old and two-year-old in tow we made a break for the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.  This activity was definitely a winner.  It was so much better than being a toy referee all day long.  We loved the live native animals, exhibits of history and science, water play area, and Planetarium.  This is a must for a future cold, snowy, or rainy day.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!!!

Dear 2013,
Thank you for helping me to grow in faith.  You have led me over mountains and through valleys I never would have imagined I could traverse, but here I am.  I have learned that when life is suddenly taken, to put my trust in God because He is good.  Now I don't just say, "God is good."  I believe it.  Thank you for showing me that I can teach myself to stretch at work.  When the know-how is not there and the job is demanding, I now know I can do it.  I have also learned, as I watched my grandma face cancer for the third time, that she has the faith and strength that I admire and long to have.  Thanks for teaching me to believe that God is in control as I deal with physical issues.  2013, no you have not been the easiest, but now I can see you were only making me better...stronger...wiser.

Hello 2014,
I have to say I am pretty excited you are here.  I have lots of dreams and visions for you.  Here are a few goals I plan on keeping while you are around:
1. To pray and then pray more.  Not because it sounds good, but because it works.
2. To listen.  I find myself distracted way to easily (doesn't technology make distraction easy?!?!), so I will to listen with undivided attention.
3. To read.  This has been a long-lost love of mine ever since I became a parent, but I vow to bring it back in 2014.
4. To spend quality time with those I love...they are more than worth it.
5. To better myself.  I have a lot more learning to do in the areas of being a wife, being a mom, eating healthy, physical training, teaching, worship leading, blogging, and photography.

^^^Evidence that we will be reading around here. :)