Monday, June 29, 2015

SOYC 2015

The last Monday through Friday of June has been reserved for youth camp...literally, all of my life.  We just had another week camping + experiencing God in such a real way.  Matt + I could not be prouder of our staff + students.  They worked hard, played hard, + prayed hard.  With me being 7 months pregnant this year + toting around an infant + toddler, I was extremely nervous of how it would all go, but let me tell you J + E loved every minute of it.  Jude would probably love living in a camper all summer, not so much.  Haha!  We were extremely blessed when our neighbor gave us a wagon right before camp and that thing is definitely a game changer.  The boys were so content getting around the campgrounds in the wagon.  It is like a playpen on wheels with an awning!!!  Seriously, it's the best invention for toting little ones around.  However, back to camp this year...there was such a great presence of the Holy Spirit in the services + students receiving Christ + forever being changed by the power of God...nothing like it.  Another year for the books.  Oh, and if you wonder where I'll be at the end of next June, right back at this dear place, Southern Ohio Youth Camp.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Ezra Goes Creekin'

School's out!!!!  Finally, I am getting to spend some time with my babies for the summer.  One of the best things I like to do in the summer is take Jude to the creek.  It was one of my favorite pastimes growing up + I just want to carry on that tradition with my kiddos.  Now, we have a new fella to introduce to the creek.  With Ezra only being 7 months and just learning to sit up on his own, I knew this may not be the best event for him.  He proved me wrong, by loving putting his feet in the frrrreeeezing cold water + attempted to eat much sand + many rocks on the shore (giving me nothing short of a heart attack).  Jude + I tried our best catch minnows, but we weren't too successful this trip. He did enjoy play with his construction toys on the shore after being bummed about not catching wildlife. :)