Tuesday, July 5, 2016

US of A

July the 4th.  My favorite holiday.  The holiday that is the entrance to my favorite month. And okay, my birthday month.  This year we shot some photos in a nearby forest on July 1st to kick off the holiday weekend, and are so glad we did.  The rest of the holiday was met with on and off again rain...and coincidently no more photos were taken.  The activities were still in abundance even without the pictures to remember them.  I really don't think we could have packed much more in but some of them were...fishing, picnics, parties, fireworks, church picnic, swimming, parties, and more fireworks.  Fireworks have not been the most fun in the past few years since Jude has always been frightened by them. This year that changed and he along with Ezra & Theo loved them. *hooray!*  Seriously, I could fall in love with this holiday all over again.