Monday, November 24, 2014

Welcome Ezra

Ezra James Wilson.  Saturday, October 25, 2014. 1:17pm.  7lbs 11oz.  21.5in.

On Saturday morning, October 25th, with bags in hand, excitement overflowing, and butterflies in our stomachs, Matthew and I set out for the hospital.  Today we would welcome our second child into the world.  This was not a mad dash though since I was not in labor but yet scheduled for an induction.  My mind was prepared to be in labor for many hours; however, it all transpired so quickly that it seems a bit of a blur now.  We arrived, checked in, answered way too many questions, and then the whole process began around 8:30am.  I chose to get an Epidural, so for the duration of labor I was not in any pain.  Matt and I reminisced of our delivery with Jude and discussed our future with our new little fella.  My mom, dad, and sister arrived to wait for his arrival and we all fielded calls and texts about the progress of the labor.  At about 12:45pm the nurses concluded that the baby was ready.  With Matt by my side, two nurses coaching, and a patient doctor cheering me on, Ezra came after just after a few series of pushes.  With tears streaming down my face and laughs of inexplicable joy, I held our baby boy for the first time as Matt and I spoke words of love over him.  Ezra was already loved so much before he was born, but when he arrived he completely rocked our world.  The next few hours and days were filled with a lot more love pouring out for Ezra from all of our dear family and friends.  One of the exceptional moments of the occasion was when Matt's mother brought Jude to meet Ezra a couple hours after he was born.  The look of happiness that appeared on Jude's face as he ran into the room and exclaimed, "Hi, Mommy!" Then he gasped and said, "It's baby Ezra!  Oh, he's so sweet!"  If I could take a moment and bottle it up to keep forever, that would definitely be the winner.

As this week of Thanksgiving begins, I just want to say thank you to our heavenly Father for giving us such a precious gift.  At this time last year I was beginning to think we may not be able to have any more children, but God was faithful and blessed us beyond measure.  

Below are some of the moments we captured over the first two days with Ezra.  

 ^^^I know this is blurry, but it is also one of our first family it is definitely a keeper. :)