Thursday, August 8, 2013

Camp Elevate

Hello, again!  It's been awhile!!!!!!  A lot has been going on around here lately and we've definitely not had our normal routine, but for some really good reasons.  Last week we had a youth camp, Elevate, just for Haven (students from our church) along with their friends that they invited.  This was a first for us.  One of our goals for Elevate was to reach out to students that do not have a home church.  With God's help we had such a powerful week!  From the games to the worship to the messages to the baptism...everything that was done was definitely blessed by God.  Elevate ended on Saturday, but we began an impromptu revival on Sunday and it has gone on all of this week.  We had some dear friends (more like family to us) come from Alabama and stay with us.  The Farley family was an absolute blessing to our church.  Pastor Chris had timely messages and spoke with great anointing.  I cannot express all of the miracles that have happened, but here are few in a short list:
1. deliverance from fear, addictions, substance abuse
2. restored hope, joy, love
3. realization of Christ' love for each of us
4. renewed passion to share God's love
Most people search their whole lives for life changes like these.  I am just so excited to see how Christ continues to move in Haven and our church.  Here are a few pictures from Elevate.


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  1. Awesome event! Thanks to you and Matt and the Haven group for your hard work and vision! Thanks for sharing the pics.