Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sending Matt Off to India + A Pregnancy Update

Matt has been away now for one week to India.  That's right, India, the country on the other side of our planet.  He and three other friends Robert, Cody, and Robbie, are spending two weeks visiting schools, churches, and villages, sharing the love of Jesus to the people of India.  This trip is not something that we decided would just be a "bucket list thing" for Matt to be able do, but rather to fulfill the mission that God has called all of his followers to do..."Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." Mark 16:15.  So far, all of the daily reports have been fantastic with many souls accepting Christ and lives being changed by the Word that is brought forth.  We are on a 9 1/2 hours time difference, but have managed to FaceTime daily.  Yay!  Jude and I even watched Matt preach this morning via Live Stream...gotta love technology.  By the way, Jude did the cutest thing while we were watching the service.  He kept yelling something at the screen and I thought he trying to talk to Matt.  I said, "Jude, Daddy cannot hear you."  He replied, "No, Mommy. I'm saying, 'Praise God, Daddy'".  Talk about melting my heart.  :)  Jude and I are very proud of Matt and are now counting down the days until he gets back home.

Here are some pics of our farewell dinner date from last Wednesday.  We went with one of our favorite dinner spots, City BBQ.  We also took some 24 week pregnancy pics while we were out.  I can't believe that I've been carrying Ezra for 6 months now.  Time seems to be flying.  This little guy moves what seems to be constantly, which is amazing while I'm awake but not so cool at 2am.  ;)  Yes, the heartburn started this week too, but I really have no complaints.  I feel completely blessed to be able to carry this child and cannot wait to meet him!


  1. India ... prayers for safety & blessing. And your pics are flat-out adorable!

  2. Thankful Matt had such a successful missions trip. Great for him to go. Thankful all is going well with the pregnancy. You look great! Have a happy reunion with Matt gets home.