Wednesday, January 21, 2015

JAN/2015...Family Photos

We are back to taking family pics, but as a family four.  Yay!  The temperature rose to 50 degrees on Saturday, so why not get out, enjoy beautiful scenery, and capture the moment while we are at it.  Afterward, we went to a hibachi grill, because that experience is always a memorable and tasty one.  Jude decided he would be a chef the rest of the evening.  Thankfully he doesn't have access to real knives. :)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ezra's Dedication Video

We had the formal dedication of Ezra to the Lord this morning at our church.  It was such a sweet and blessed day.  A special thank you to all of our family and friends that were there to support the blessing of our sweet fella.  Here is a video we created to share at the dedication.  Enjoy.

Ezra James Wilson's Dedication

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy Twenty Fifteen

Happy New Year!  Are you into goal setting?  I am.  I like dreaming of what's to come, planning to make it happen, and actually working to see the dream come to pass.  No, every new year resolution is not always accomplished, but some are.  Those successes are what keep me planning and scheming.  In prayer and meditation, I have felt as though the Spirit has been birthing this verse in me for this year...Matthew 16:25- "For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it."  Honestly, in my walk with Christ I have found my greatest struggle to be with SELF.  I wrestle with trying to make myself happy versus pleasing God.  This year I want to be intentional in overcoming my flesh and living a life spent completely for Christ.  In every area of my a wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, friend, leader, etc.  I am planning on finding true life from living for the glory of God solely.  Yes, I have other goals which I will not go into, but with this as my base I am hoping to see much fruit.  Here's to hoping 2015 is the best yet.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Celebrations of 2014

Christmas is my favorite holiday (next to the 4th of July).  There is just something so peaceful and joyful about it that even the over-commercialization can't diminish it.  This year was very different for us.  On the 23rd Jude came down with a stomach virus (his first ever) and was sick for 6 days straight.  We still managed to celebrate with our family and friends, but the poor little guy was pretty miserable most of the time.  I think the saddest part was that he had been anticipating the holiday for over one month (I mean, non-stop talking about it) then, he got violently sick.  Matt ended up being spared from the sickness, but Ezra and I came down with it on the 27th.  We were not effected as strongly as Jude, but still very sickly.  Thankfully, we seem to all be over it.  Enough with the "sick talk" though...we still had a beautiful Christmas with our loved ones.  We ate a lot of delicious food, opened some thoughtful and lovely gifts, and had cherished family time.  Here are a lot of pics from 3 separate days.

At Home

At Matt's Mom's

At Matt's Dad's

At My Parents'

At My Aunt + Uncle's

A Polar Express Ride for Four

Yes, we rode the Polar Express once again this year to the North Pole, but this year we went as a family of four.  Going out and about with 2 kids has presented many new challenges for us, nevertheless, we are beginning to get the hang of it...I think. :)  I know I already mentioned it, but Jude has watched Polar Express this season more times than I care to admit.  His obesession was fueled with this train ride to Santa.  Every year seems to get more enjoyable as Jude's excitement grows (you can see past visits here and here).  Seeing a conductor, getting a ticket, drinking hot chocolate, and seeing Santa + Mrs. Claus were Jude's favorites.  Ezra slept almost the entire time, so I doubt he could attest to any highlights. :)  They both visited with Santa + Mrs. Claus.  Jude needed some coaxing to get on Santa's lap and then once there he sat frozen with his arms outstretched.  We are shooting for a more normal visit and picture next year.  :)