Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jude is 3!

Dear Jude,

Today is your day.  You are 3!  We blinked somewhere in the last 3 years and when our eyes reopened you were no longer our little baby but our little boy.  Daddy and Mommy are so proud of you.  You are so thoughtful.  We love how you are always aware of our feelings and longing to please us (well, maybe not at bedtime, since you always say that you are awake and you don't need a nap *wink face*).  It is also pretty neat to hear you say your prayers at night and try to call all of the names of your family members and your friends.  We enjoy your passion for the outdoors and all things transportation.  You are the epitome of a boy.   Thank you for always cheering us up with your kisses, hugs and constant words of affirmation {e.g. "I want to see you"(aka I want to be by you) , "I want to hold you" (aka I want you to hold me)}.  We also appreciate the fact that you have a love for things that we like, for example...drinking coffee, going to church, going to Target, getting new tennis shoes, eating sweets, and spending time with family and friends.  You are learning to be polite and share, and we think it's pretty cool when we see you using your manners.  We notice how smart you are, too.  You often know how to operate apps before we do and you love to hear books read aloud and completing puzzles.  We are so blessed that God allowed us to be your parents.  We pray for you and know God has his hands on your life.  We love you, Jude.  Happy Birthday!

Daddy + Mommy

Thursday, September 4, 2014

September = Back-to-School

Yep, it's that time of year again...back-to-school time, that is.  Matt has actually been in his classroom for three weeks now and I started teaching this past Tuesday.  We feel very blessed to work in a field that we both love and enjoy.  And guuuuys, I have to add that it is so nice having a spouse that is in the same line of work.  When we have our evening discussions about how our day was, we can completely empathize and have some understanding of where we each are coming from....and that is just too good sometimes.  Matt is still in the 7th grade classroom this year, although he did move to a new room.  I have went back to teaching in 2nd grade and THAT makes me super happy.  2nd grade just rocks.  I look forward to making an impact on these kiddos this year.  All in all, getting back to teaching is not that bad, but I can't say that I am ever excited to see summer come to an end though.  Leaving my Jude just doesn't get any easier...even knowing that he perfectly good hands with his grandma.   It does make coming home each day so much sweeter.  :)

2nd Grade

7th Grade

Monday, August 25, 2014

This Family of Mine

This family of mine brings such great joy to my life.  The best part is that just in 10 weeks (give or take a few) we will be increasing by one more.  We cannot wait to meet Ezra and Jude's excitement is even growing.  He is constantly asking questions like, "Is baby Ezra awake?", "Does baby Ezra want to go to...(wherever we are going to)?", "Is Ezra kicking?", "Does Ezra want to play in the playroom?", etc.  We happen to think it's pretty cute that Jude wants to include Ezra in all the things he is doing.  We took some pictures after a wedding this past Saturday.  It must be noted that these were requested by Jude and that it was around 90 degrees with probably around 80% humidity or close to it (which may explain why we look a little wilted).  Enjoy. :)

 This sweet boy said, "Mommy, dance with me." ^^^  He has stolen my heart for sure.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Here's To 7 Years of Wedded Bliss

7 years ago today on August 11, 2007, I made a commitment to the man of my young heart's prayers and greatest dreams.  Not one day have I ever had to doubt my decision to love him for life.  Matthew Wilson is not just my husband, but my best friend.  As we celebrated our anniversary over the weekend, I could not help but reflect on the blessing marriage can truly be if founded on Christ, commitment, trust, friendship, respect, and love.  The past seven years have seemed to pass swiftly, yet with utter bliss.  I cannot wait to see what the years ahead bring, because our marriage has only improved with each year.

We had a date night Friday to celebrate our anniversary.  It started with our favorite restaurant, Maggiano's.  Then we ventured to Vinoklet Vineyard to view an outdoor play, Macbeth by Shakespeare in the Park.  Time spent with just us two has been a rare commodity this summer, so the night was met with great longing and appreciation.  Here a few photos from the evening.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Who Needs a Pool When You Have a Creek?!?!

I think we are in love with summer.  We are still as busy as ever {seriously, we've not had one week yet without traveling}, but what's not to love about the hot days, warm nights, cool treats, grilled dinners, and trips to the creek?!  Yes, the creek was apart of Matt's and my childhood, so we have started to make it apart of Jude's you can see last year's visits here and here}.  He definitely loves it, too.  We went a couple weeks ago to keep the tradition alive, and it was hard to tear him away at the end of our visit.  From rock throwing, minnow watching {because those little things are so hard to catch}, and crawl dad hunting, he loved it all.  We hope to be back sooner than later. {Please note: this creek visit was the week before Matt went to India, and we are so excited that he arrives home this week.}