Monday, October 1, 2012

West Coast Meets Ohio

The one and only Jack in the Box fast-food restaurant recently opened in West Chester, Ohio.  With all of the hubbub about how amazing their food is, we decided we would try it.  However, it seemed every time we passed it the line was always "good grief" long.  Over the weekend we made a go for it with our patience in check.  Matt and I both tried their burgers, but it must be noted that they do have a very diverse menu.  In our opinion they were not "Shake Shack good" which I mentioned here, although they were pretty yum for a fast-food chain.


  1. I love this place! Mostly because of nostalgia, but their food is good for a fast food place. You should have a taco next time.

  2. Jason, the tacos looked yummy. I was a little disappointed that I didn't try them. You, Leanne, and the boys need to go with us sometime and give us ordering tips. :)