Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jude Sees The Reds

So I am forever late and a day in posting about this.  Let's just blame an internet router snafu and a bonkers schedule.  Anyhow we took Jude to his first game the weekend before his birthday.  It was kinda a little celebration with just the three of us.  Besides picking a crazy, hot September day to go, it was a lot of fun.  Now, we were not ignorant going into this event to think we would actually sit and enjoy an entire game...we are kinda becoming "little kid" parent experts.  Alright, just kidding about that, but we do know our son well enough to know he is not going to just sit for 9 innings.  After a little game watching we went exploring around the ballpark and then returned to the game.  I don't think he was bored the entire's almost like a kid paradise.  We ate lunch before the game, but we did get him a frozen treat while we there.  After a few bites of it though, we caught him digging into a peanut bag that belonged to the man beside us!!! We should've known better and bought him peanuts and cracker jacks. ;)

Monday, September 16, 2013

A 2nd Birthday Party for Jude

We thought celebrating birthdays was fun, until our son had started having them.  We now realize they are kind of the BEST THING EVER!  We had a wonderful time last year celebrating his first birthday (you can revisit the party here, here, and here).  And for this year, we decided to scale back and just have a small family party at our house.  Jude is really into tractors and animals right now, so a farm themed party seemed to be the perfect fit.  He received a lot love and gifts...he's not spoiled or anything. ;)


Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Jude's 2nd Birthday!!!

Dear Jude,

It is hard to believe that you are two today!  It feels as though just yesterday we were preparing your bedroom and getting ready for you to come into the world, but here we are celebrating 2 YEARS of your life.  We are so proud of you and the precious boy you are turning into.  We love your independence and strong-willed personality.  You are so kind and mannerly (you say "please" and "thank you" more everyday than any other words).  It is pretty neat that you are talking so much now.  You are always noticing your surroundings and naming them.  Your love for things with wheels is kind of crazy cute, as well as your love for animals.  Both of us think it is amazing that you have such a terrific memory (note: we weren't blessed with such).  After one time of seeing how something works, you have it figured out.  Also, you recognize where we are driving in the car by remembering certain landmarks, and you even know what is up ahead.  Seriously, you are a pretty amazing kid!  We love you dearly.  We enjoy playing with you, taking care of you, and just being with you.  You are a true blessing.  Our favorite time of day with you is our prayer time before bed.  You are so precious as you kneel down at your chair and wait for us to do so with you.  Then, we say our prayers and you are so excited to say "amen".  We pray for you everyday and feel honored to be your parents.  Happy birthday, our sweetest boy!

With all of our love,
Daddy & Momma

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The County Fair

How was your holiday weekend?  We started our's out at the county fair last Friday night.  It was Jude's first time and I think we could probably assume he thought it was tops.  The fair always makes me feel as though I'm a kid again.  All of the sudden I love farm animals, tractors, rides, games, and then, the adult me, really loves the food.  Please tell me I am not the only one that feels this way?!?!  We had a great night with our friends, David and Kristine, and honestly, I think it just prepped us for the fall festival season. :)