Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Break Begins...And Off to the Creek!!!

Last Wednesday was my first day of summer break.   Matt & I kind of get an added bonus with both of us being teachers and getting to have the summer off together.  The calendar fills up quickly, but when we do have free days we try to make them count.  We always make a bucket list and must-do list for our break.  One of the first things we wanted to do this summer was take Jude to the creek.  I grew up across the street from a creek for the first 10 years of my life.  Going to the creek was always a highlight for me.  So, on our first day off together that is what we did...we took Jude to Twin Creek in Germantown.  Once he adjusted to the cool water temperature, he had the best time.  We took some buckets, cups, and a net, and they were used to catch minnows, crawdads, and fish.  Jude didn't mind touching or looking at any of the little creatures.  Although he definitely preferred to walk around in the creek picking up rocks and throwing them.  While we are on that topic...what is it with boys and throwing rocks???  We ended with eating a packed lunch under the covered bridge, and as you can see Jude loved the grapes.

Trying some mulberries from a nearby tree!

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  1. Adorable day trip! Jude & all your pics are super cute ... & the bridge, well, it's picture perfect too.