Friday, August 31, 2012

Coconut Deliciousness

I am convinced that God was thinking of me when He created coconut.  It is all kinds of goodness.  I decided to make one of my go-to coconut desserts last night, coconut macaroons.  Why is it my go-to?  It's easy and of course, it's tasty.  Another great thing is that the recipe is right on the bag of Baker's secret here.  I definitely suggest that you try it.  That is, if you are a coconut connoisseur.
This is about all you need.  Not pictured: sugar and flour.

Combined ingredients.
Now for a little baking time and...

The finished product.

Happy Labor Day weekend!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

So Classy

Back to school and teaching for the Wilson household.  Matt's students started Wednesday and mine will begin on Tuesday.  I have to admit I am always reluctant to let go of summer; however, I start getting excited as I prepare my classroom for the new year.  Matt and I both love what we do.  It is fulfilling knowing that God has placed us where we are to do what He has called us to do.  Here is a glimpse into our classrooms.

Jess~2nd Grade

Thanks to an amazing friend, Laura Boyd, for taking this pic. :)

Matt~7th Grade World History

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photos Courtesy of myPhone

The Best Ice Cream Cone EVER

Last Saturday was a busy day for us.  Matt has been working on a playroom for Jude, so he did that most of the day.  Jude and I ran some errands to get things for my classroom, and then I went to the school and finished up some of my bulletin boards.  So after dinner we decided ice cream was in order.  Everyone deserves a treat after a busy day, right?!  Now, if you are ever in the mood for a soft-serve cone and you are in the Cincinnati, OH area...then The Cone is a must!  Not only do they have the cutest ice cream cone shaped building, but they also have the best soft-serve ice cream.

Matt's fave-orange and vanilla swirl dipped in blue raspberry
My fave-vanilla dipped in toasted coconut
Since Jude couldn't eat ice cream (we are trying not to introduce sweets yet), he rode the fire truck.
He liked it better after it stopped moving. ;)

Additional note for lovers of fall flavors: I talked to a woman while eating our ice cream and she told me they just added a new soft-serve flavor...PUMPKIN!  She said it tastes like pumpkin pie.  And yes, I was tempted to get another cone.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Bittersweet Friday

Summer is coming to an end, and alas, work must begin again.  Matt and I head back into our classrooms for another year of teaching this week.  So in light of this, we decided to spend our last Friday off together by trekking to Easton Town Center in Columbus, OH.   It's about a 2hr. drive for us and let me tell you...this son of ours was a complete angel.   
I spent the ride looking into these baby blues.  Not bad, right?! his element.

Kicks for days, folks.
Our quick stop for yummy food was at Piada.  This place does for Italian food what Chipotle does for Mexican food...and we all know how amazing Chipotle is.  Can I get a witness?

Even Jude enjoyed the pasta.

A fun-filled day, but now...heigh ho, heigh ho, it's back to work we go.

Friday, August 24, 2012

There Is A First Time For Everything

Life is full of firsts...especially for babies.  Jude recently had his first solo swing and it went a little like this.

Yeah, so I am thinking this experience is probably not in Jude's top 10 favorite moments.  At least we tried, right!?

Happy weekend!