Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alaska Just Got A Lot Better

My best friend left today.  From as far back as my memory will take me I have known my best friend, Vicki.  We have been by each other's sides through thick and thin...as cliche as that sounds, it's true.  Today Vicki and her adorable family put aside their own desires to follow God's higher calling to become missionaries in the state of Alaska.  In case you were wondering that is around 4,000 miles away from Ohio and would take about 3 days to drive there.  So, I cannot deny the overwhelming sadness that I am feeling.  Our little kiddos that love to play together will no longer be 5 minutes away from each other.  I won't be running over to see her new shower curtain or see her garden work.  Our late nights out to grab a bite to eat won't be happening.  Yes, I am sad.  But so much greater than sadness is an immense pride and happiness.  The Myrick family has the chance to share the love of God to people that may have never experienced it.  They are going to fulfill a dream that God has placed in their hearts.  Sure, it is not the easiest to leave "life as you know it"...family, friends, a comfortable home, etc.; however, I am confident that God will bless them in so many aspects.  I read this quote the other day and realized the truth in it,
"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."
-Elizabeth Foley
I know that no matter how long we are apart, Vicki, we will always, always, always be best friends.  Best wishes and many prayers for you!

^^^Some pics that we've taken over the past few weeks at many goodbye celebrations.

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