Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Glimpse Into My Classroom

Many of you readers may not be teachers, so you may not understand the combined excitement and stress that comes in preparing a classroom for a new school year.  Just imagine remodeling a room in your house every's a lot like that, except you would have to make room for 20-24 people in the room.  Like I mentioned in this post, I have taken a new position as the K-3 music teacher this year.  So it has been crazy wrapping my mind around teaching a whole different area of content.  I decided in preparing my classroom this year that I would not go out and purchase a ton of music decorations.  I mean, have you ever looked at the prices at teacher stores?!?!  As for a theme, I just stuck with what I had a lot of decor for already...apples.  Starting next Tuesday, this is where I will spend all of my time...pouring a lot of information & inspiration into a lot of little brains.  We hosted an Open House this past Tuesday evening, and just seeing the eager faces of past and future students has me excited to get this year rolling.  So here it is, my 2013-14 music classroom.  On a side note, I wish I could take pictures of all the classrooms in our elementary building.  They are something amazing!!!  The amount of time and energy my co-workers put into their rooms makes me very proud of the team I work with. :)

 Here's to wishing you a happy, long weekend! :)

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