Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back-To-School and Such

Matt has been back to teaching since last week and I've been back to working on my classroom for the past 3 weeks.  It's hard to believe our summer break is over and it's this time again!  We love our jobs, nevertheless it is always difficult to say goodbye to summer.  I have had a big task in school prep this year, because I took a new position and a new classroom.  I will be the K-3rd music teacher (which you probably already figured out if you follow me on Pinterest...I'm afraid I'm a pinaholic).  I go from being super excited about teaching music to being extremely nervous.  Jude has been my "helper" as I organize, clean, decorate, shop, etc.  Today after working for 3 hours, I took him outside to play on the school playground.  Most of the equipment was too big for him, but he's been looking so big lately I was secretly kinda glad. ;)

 ^^^Thrilled about being my assistant...can't you tell?!?! ;)

 ^^^Slacking on the job.

 ^^^When you realize you are up really high and not sure how to get down.

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