Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Teaching the Meaning of Christmas

Advent  >  the coming of Christ into the world

We have been doing our best to teach Jude the real meaning of Christmas this year.  He loves storytelling and books, so he's heard us tell and retell the events of Jesus' birth throughout the last month.  He is actually pretty good at telling the story himself (well, with some prompting).  We have been counting down until Christ's birthday this year with our Advent calendar.  The look of this year's varies from last year's but a lot of the same fun has been planned. We have had a little more difficulty keeping up with our activities with so much change happening this season in our family.  Nevertheless, we our trying to keep the importance of this season on being together and sharing the love that Christ has shown us to others.  Here are some pictures of the bunting which is our Advent calendar and Jude reading his book of Jesus' birth to Ezra.

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