Wednesday, December 3, 2014

O Christmas Tree

It's a tradition.  Ever since Jude's first Christmas we have been getting a live Christmas tree.  We wait until the weekend of Thanksgiving and go to the tree farm, pick out our evergreen, and take it home with us.  This tradition that we have started is one my favorite parts of the season.  Sure, it is usually freezing cold or snowy, but the feeling of cheer and togetherness diminishes all else.  We picked this year's tree out over the weekend.  Ezra stayed bundled under a lot of blankets, while Matt, Jude, and I scoured the farm for the perfect one.  After finding a plump one we brought it home to only have a lot of instructions of how it should be decorated from a 3-year-old.  "Put lights on it," Jude directed.  "We can put a "tar" (aka star) on top with a ladder?" he wondered.  Confession...we have never used Christmas tree toppers.  After hearing about the star that must go on top repeatedly, we knew we had an addition to make to our tree this year.  Jude was also more excited than ever before to see all of the ornaments and Christmas decorations being put up around the house.  He's been found taking some of them for his own "decorating" purposes.  He also keeps saying, "Santa's coming now?!"  His obvious excitement has been very contagious.  This is definitely looking to be my favorite Christmas yet!

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  1. Love the picture of Matt & Jude putting the star at the top.