Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Polar Express Ride for Four

Yes, we rode the Polar Express once again this year to the North Pole, but this year we went as a family of four.  Going out and about with 2 kids has presented many new challenges for us, nevertheless, we are beginning to get the hang of it...I think. :)  I know I already mentioned it, but Jude has watched Polar Express this season more times than I care to admit.  His obesession was fueled with this train ride to Santa.  Every year seems to get more enjoyable as Jude's excitement grows (you can see past visits here and here).  Seeing a conductor, getting a ticket, drinking hot chocolate, and seeing Santa + Mrs. Claus were Jude's favorites.  Ezra slept almost the entire time, so I doubt he could attest to any highlights. :)  They both visited with Santa + Mrs. Claus.  Jude needed some coaxing to get on Santa's lap and then once there he sat frozen with his arms outstretched.  We are shooting for a more normal visit and picture next year.  :)

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