Monday, December 15, 2014

Santa Visit and More

I am playing catch up today and posting about two Saturdays ago.  As it turns out, going back to work last Thursday has had me not in the best of spirits.  Six weeks of maternity leave just did not seem to be long enough. *sigh*  A bright spot in the whole returning to work is that I'll be off again for two more weeks after Friday.  Not too bad I guess.  Anyways back to the reason I am posting.  We took Jude and Ezra to Entertrainment Junction.  What is it?  Well, it is sorta a train display/museum for children to walk through.  Jude is obsessed with trains...especially at this time of year when he watches Polar Express more than any person should watch one movie.  I mean, we may or may not be watching it right this minute.  Which makes me think my parenting skills may need some adjustment every time I allow him to view it again. :)  The place turned out to be pretty neat.  So much detail went into building these train displays...towns, buildings, people, water, know, the works.  Jude was mesmerized.  After visiting the museum, we went to visit Santa.  Mind you we have been prepping Jude this season to see St. Nick.  He had practiced what he was going to say/do more than a few times.  When it was finally our turn his excitement quickly turned into nervousness.  Santa was his jolly self and asked, "What's your name, young man?"  He walked up to Santa, head down, and said, "Police car, fire truck, ambulance,".  I tried my best to do what any good parent would do and bribe him to sit on Santa's lap.  Ha!  It didn't work, so Ezra was the lucky fella to get to sit with Santa and Jude was happy to stand beside him.  We have scheduled a ride on the Polar Express train to the North Pole this week, so maybe the second time will be the charm.  Fingers crossed.

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