Sunday, December 22, 2013

"All Aboard!"

We kept with tradition and took Jude for a train ride to "the North Pole" last week.  Honestly, we didn't get off to the greatest start.  It was pouring the rain and the train company had a slight delay in boarding.  We are starting to think we are bad luck or something, since it rained on us last year too (you can see our visit here).  We didn't let this deter us though, we made the most of the train ride and our visit with Santa.  Speaking of Santa, I had been prepping Jude on St. Nick (or "Claus" as he calls him) since this would be the first year he would realize he was sitting on a stranger's lap.  We have discussed what Santa says, does, and what Jude would say to him.  However, all the prepping in the world could not change the instant fear that overcame Jude when he saw Santa.  He said, "Scary!" and I happened to be THAT parent that told him to just sit for a quick picture (I know, I feel awful). Oh, but what a picture it was!!!!  Jude did have a blast on the train.  He has a pretty big fascination with trains as it is, so getting to ride one made the day so much more special.  Two of his favorite phrases right now are "All aboard!" and "Tickets, please."  So Santa, if you're reading this...we have a boy that would love to have some trains around here. ;)


  1. excellent pics, as always =) and that poor Santa! I'd say he's the 'tired-est' looking Santa I've ever seen! ;) Merry Christmas, Jessica.

  2. Awesome read and very cool pics! Merry Christmas!