Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Making Dough in the Snow

Another snow day for us today.  Not that I am complaining.  I mean, I got to spend the entire day with my boys!  But the snow is starting to get to me.  There are only so many things that you can do at your house until you start to get a little bonkers.  Today we tried to thwart that feeling by making Jude some homemade playdough after breakfast.  It was suuuper easy to make and he really enjoyed playing with it...that is, after he licked and realized it was not food.  His favorite was rolling the dough to into "nakes" (aka snakes).  Here is the recipe we used.  However I didn't have vegetable oil and had to use canola oil instead...which didn't seem to make a difference.  Happy playdough making!

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