Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Warm Thoughts

As I sit and write this the current temperature is 8 degrees.  Not too bad, right?!?!  Especially considering that that is the highest it's been all day.  Not to mention the wind chill factor! Will we ever break from this frrreeeezing weather?  Sure, I know we will, but until then maybe we should all take a vacation somewhere far south.  Not enough money?  No time off work?  Yep, same thing here.  Sad times.  All may not last, though.  There is an alternative.  Last Tuesday (another day of subzero temps), Matt suggested that we go the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati to see their Spring exhibit.  This man is brilliant, I tell ya, because it was definitely the perfect quick and cheap break from the cold.  Jude had the best time.  He was in the best mood and ran around the place like it was a playground.  If you are needing some reprieve from the cold, we highly suggest a visit.

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