Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines for the Making

With Valentine's Day soon approaching we decided to get our act together this week and make Valentine's cards with Jude.  There's nothing like procrastination to get ya moving.  Actually we bought the supplies for the cards a few weeks ago, but never got around to the fun part of making them.  We decided to go with a homemade Valentine again (you may remember this post from last year's card).  This year's idea was not original.  I honestly can't remember where I saw it...maybe Etsy, Pinterest, or Instagram.  I sure am glad I did though, because Jude loved making these.  He loves balloons especially when he gets to try and blow them up so that made this craft interesting and fun.  Try explaining to a two-year-old why he can't put his mouth on the balloons he is giving away.  Yep, not so easy.  Another thing that is not the easiest...guiding Jude's hand to write his name.  He is as independent as they come, so letting someone help is not the coolest.  Nevertheless, they turned out pretty cute and now we can't wait to deliver them.

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