Friday, August 17, 2012

Life With an 11 Month Old Jude

My how time flies and life changes when you are the parent of an infant.  It seems like just yesterday I was carefully bundling up a tiny baby in my arms, having a bottle ready every 3 hours (on the dot mind you), constantly worried at any slight cry, and snuggling with the softest and sweetest little guy.  However, the little one I once had is growing and changing rapidly.  Be not dismayed just gets better.  Here is a glimpse at what life is like with an 11 month old Jude:
  • The floor gets a lot of action.  Jude has not started walking yet (even though he has parents that try to encourage this skill). ;) He IS however a master at crawling, and on the wood floor at that!  One must always be cautious at what you keep in the floor, because you can guarantee he will claim it...slobber and all.
  • He has a trick.  He can wave!  This is not just any kind of wave, he has the "move hand left to right like you are in a parade" wave.  He is pretty proud of this accomplished skill and gets a lot of cheering for it, so he uses it frequently (especially when he is told "no").
  • He loves "big people" food.  I stopped nursing him at 6 weeks old so ever since then he has received formula.  Now that we have introduced him to table food...ummm, let's just say he is not content with only a bottle anymore.
  • Jude likes toys, for about 5 minutes.  He prefers to entertain himself with things that are not meant for infants.  Just to name a few: the wireless router, magazines, momma's lotion basket, daddy's shoes, any drawer full of clothes that is slightly open, trash cans, and I think you get the point.  Oh by the way, he is rather favorable of the iPhone, too. 
  • He says "Dada" and "Momma".  As much as I hate to admit it, he says "Dada" way more than my liking. ;)
  • He gives the best kisses.  OK, so some may not think the "open-mouth slobber on the cheek" is that great, but to this momma it the most AMAZING.

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