Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Has Anyone Discovered How to Stop Time Yet?

I'm not kidding.  This is very difficult as I think that my first and only son is about to turn one in less than a month.  So, yeah, if you know anyone that can hook me up with that stopping the clock stuff...well, you know the drill.

The birthday planning madness has begun!  A few months ago or to be more precise not long after Jude's birth, I started thinking about a 1st birthday theme.  After much deliberation...camping it was.  I had to get Matt to buy in though, because let's face it, I am helpless with out him.  A couple of weeks ago Matt made this tent with our own touches.  Then, out we went, armed with our camera to attempt to take pics for the invitations.  They turned out pretty good except for the fact that we had the camera set to take night photos in the day (yep, that's right, amateurs).  Add a couple more hours of designing our postcard invitation and VIOLA! Welcome to Camp Jude!
Please note: more to come 

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