Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!!!

Dear 2013,
Thank you for helping me to grow in faith.  You have led me over mountains and through valleys I never would have imagined I could traverse, but here I am.  I have learned that when life is suddenly taken, to put my trust in God because He is good.  Now I don't just say, "God is good."  I believe it.  Thank you for showing me that I can teach myself to stretch at work.  When the know-how is not there and the job is demanding, I now know I can do it.  I have also learned, as I watched my grandma face cancer for the third time, that she has the faith and strength that I admire and long to have.  Thanks for teaching me to believe that God is in control as I deal with physical issues.  2013, no you have not been the easiest, but now I can see you were only making me better...stronger...wiser.

Hello 2014,
I have to say I am pretty excited you are here.  I have lots of dreams and visions for you.  Here are a few goals I plan on keeping while you are around:
1. To pray and then pray more.  Not because it sounds good, but because it works.
2. To listen.  I find myself distracted way to easily (doesn't technology make distraction easy?!?!), so I will to listen with undivided attention.
3. To read.  This has been a long-lost love of mine ever since I became a parent, but I vow to bring it back in 2014.
4. To spend quality time with those I love...they are more than worth it.
5. To better myself.  I have a lot more learning to do in the areas of being a wife, being a mom, eating healthy, physical training, teaching, worship leading, blogging, and photography.

^^^Evidence that we will be reading around here. :)

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