Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sometimes You Just Need to Get Away

The past few months have been a little overwhelming over in our world.  I try to use this blog to reflect on all of the good things in our lives, but lately I have been barely squeaking out one post per week. I mentioned before that I have taken a new position at work this school year and it has proven to be a bigger adjustment than I anticipated.  It seems as soon as I think I am into a groove, some new challenge arises.  While I truly love what I do, it still remains that I have had more stress than the usual in this area of my life.  And then if you do not know, my grandma was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which has been such a devastation to my entire family.  She is currently going through chemo treatments and doing as well as can be expected.  Our faith is not shaken, though.  We know that with God's help she can overcome this sickness.  Lastly, those of you that are around Matt & me will already know this, but we have been trying to have our second child for over a year now.  I am not one to worry or stress over these types of things, but for some reason I have let it get to me for the last few months.  I am believing and praying, but sometimes doubt creeps in.  I have found a lot of encouragement in daily making a point to count my blessings and praise God for the wonderful child I have.  God always sends someone or something to lift me and build my faith for which I am truly grateful.

This past weekend we decided to make it an extended one and go away for a little time of relaxation.   We didn't go far...just a couple hours north to a place called Hocking Hills.  I've been here before, but this time the beauty left me awestruck.  We went on several different hiking trails while we were there, and took way more than our share of pictures to attest to the gorgeous falls, caves, and fall colors.  We were pleased to find that Jude was able to go on all of the trails and he loved it.  The combination of just getting away for a few days, spending time with family, enjoying the beauty of nature, and reflecting on the goodness of God, was just what my heart and soul needed.  So here are a lot more pictures than one blog post should have of our weekend getaway.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


  1. The last photo of day 2 is absolutely breathtaking, the way the cloud reflects in the water, the family together, perfect. I agree that sometimes it is just good to get away, it's definitely needed once in a while just to refresh everything. Fingers crossed that baby number 2 comes for you soon xx


  2. Love all these, Jess. Just beautiful. A cousin recommended for us to visit there & we plan to as soon as we can. I'll be joining you in prayer for baby #2, 3, 4, 5 ... ;) Love & hugs.

  3. LOVE your photos. They are beautiful. Give Aunt Faye a hug for me. :)

  4. Hi Jessica, I will be praying especially for you and Matt! Thankful you had a wonderful time at Hocking Hills. Sometimes getting away is the thing to do to help our perspective. Chris and I are doing the same this week. We were certainly feeling burn out with the activities of the last two months. Will be praying for your grandma. i love Sis. Collins. She is so special. She really influenced my teenage years and calls Chris and I her kids. Matt has a special place in our hearts, also. The Lord has blessed you so much!