Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pregnancy Time Warp

Photo by J. Lauren Photography
 This time one year ago:  
  • sleeping for eight hours straight was just not going to happen for me
  • the little kicks were constant reminders that life was growing inside of me
  • 3 pairs of shoes...that's it...that's all I could fit on my swollen feet (not that I could actually see my feet or anything)
  • cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning
  • comfort and I were not friends
  • excitement and constant state of mind
  • trips to Babies R' Us were a daily event, just in case we forgot something
  • oh the dreams of wearing my "normal" size clothes again
  • reality that my life was about to drastically change was settling in
  • lots of prayers for a healthy baby were being offered
  • living with an amazingly patient and considerate husband was such a blessing ;)

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