Monday, August 3, 2015

Ezra Is 9 Months Old!

Dear E,
You turned 9 months old last week + I still am in wonder just as I was on Oct. 25, 2014 at how I have been blessed with another precious boy.  You are joy defined.  I think out of all of the stages of the first year of life, this is my favorite.  I love how you giggle when you are kissed under your chin or on your belly.  I love the huge, bashful grin you get when I try to get you to say "momma".  I love how you say "da da da" along with a lot of other undistinguishable gibberish {you may just be a big talker when you get it all figured out}.  I love the adoring look you give your big brother every time you see him in the morning or after a nap.  I love your chunky little body that refuses to crawl, but will wonder all over the house in a walker.  I love how you get so excited to play at bathtime + are so upset when you have to get out.  I love the complete frustration you get when you are hungry + don't get your bottle right away {did someone say "temper"?!}.  I love how when I go to retrieve you from your crib, you kick your legs with excitement + when I pick you up, you grab my face + nestle into my neck.  I love how content you are to sit on the floor + play with your toys + the fascination that comes when getting a new gadget to play with.  I love that you like trying new foods even without teeth yet {yesterday's corn on the cob gnawing was a pretty humorous event to watch}.  I love that you are pretty content no matter where we go or what we do as long as you are fed + getting your rest.  To sum all of it up...I love you, my sweet Ezra!  I wish time could pause, but knowing that it won't I guess I will just keep finding more reasons to love you even more as you grow.

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