Saturday, August 8, 2015

8 Years Down + A Lifetime To Go

Did you know pottery is the gift to be giving your spouse on your wedding anniversary?  Well, I certainly wasn't "in the know"; however, Matthew, being as clever as he is, decided to follow the tradition for our anniversary.  He set up a date where would actually take a pottery class + make our own.  This was one of the most memorable date nights we have ever had.  The learning something new together + getting totally out of our comfort zone was a great combination for a lot of laughs + fun.  Then, we proceeded to have a fabulous dinner + then went off to downtown Cincy to see Lumonicity.  Guyssss, you have to see this next year.  It was the neatest projection/musical show I have seen (well, next to Disney).  If this anniversary date is any indication of the year ahead, I'd say we are in for another amazing adventure.  Love you, Matthew Wayne. <3

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