Saturday, July 18, 2015

Family Day

Can I take just a moment to say how thankful I am for my husband?!  He has taken all of his summer break + selflessly given it to work for our family {our ever growing family, at that :)}.  Matt has been working 12 hour shifts most days just to provide some extra income for us.  I am ever grateful that he takes care of our needs + puts us first.  That being said, he becomes an even better husband + father when he suggests that we take Saturday {his only day off mind you} a family day.  High fives for all of the men of the family like that!  So, that is just what we did.  We made our way to the Newport Aquarium early Saturday morning to find that it was a two hour wait...yikes!!!  So, being the flexible people we are, we decided J + E could experience their first time at the movies.  Jude is a pretty big Despicable Me fan, so viewing the minion movie was a no-brainer.  Let me tell ya, that was not the worst time ever.  I've been dreading taking my extremely active 3-year-old to the movies + not to mention with an 8 month in tow; however, it was so relaxing and Jude LOVED it!!!  Then, it was off to the aquarium, where we not only got to see a lot sharks {Jude's fave} but also walk on a bridge over them + pet them.  It was such a much needed fun-filled family day...thanks to a pretty amazing daddy.

 ^E was out for a quick nap^
 ^But not for too long^

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