Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cousins, Yes! Friends, A Definite Yes!

My parents had a family dinner tonight...a rarity, seeing that it hard to make work with all of our busy schedules.  It was so needed.  I haven't mentioned anything about their house fire here on the blog, but back at the beginning of June their house burnt down completely.  The whole event was pretty devastating to say the least; however, we are so grateful no one was home at the time of the fire + that the things lost for the most part can be replaced.  My parents were blessed to find a home to rent about two minutes away from their house.  This cookout was our first get-together at their rental.  We ate, relaxed, + chatted the night away.  Jude + Ezra played with Blayze, their cousin, + wow, they have the best of time together.  I don't think the noise ever stops + neither do they.  Ezra is observing all their ways + I think he thinks they are pretty cool {well, sometimes}.  I took some pics of the boys in the backyard, which is always an interesting venture.  Enjoy!

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