Monday, August 25, 2014

This Family of Mine

This family of mine brings such great joy to my life.  The best part is that just in 10 weeks (give or take a few) we will be increasing by one more.  We cannot wait to meet Ezra and Jude's excitement is even growing.  He is constantly asking questions like, "Is baby Ezra awake?", "Does baby Ezra want to go to...(wherever we are going to)?", "Is Ezra kicking?", "Does Ezra want to play in the playroom?", etc.  We happen to think it's pretty cute that Jude wants to include Ezra in all the things he is doing.  We took some pictures after a wedding this past Saturday.  It must be noted that these were requested by Jude and that it was around 90 degrees with probably around 80% humidity or close to it (which may explain why we look a little wilted).  Enjoy. :)

 This sweet boy said, "Mommy, dance with me." ^^^  He has stolen my heart for sure.

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