Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter...a precious day to remember the sacrifice and love of Christ our Savior.  Sometimes the holiday part kind of takes over the meaning.  For us, the little stressors added to the holiday look like this...the planning of outfits, the church productions, the egg hunts, the easter basket planning, the family get-togethers, making food for a fabulous holiday dinner, etc.  Don't get me wrong, I love all of these things, but sometimes the focus on what it is most important can get hazy.  I caught myself really upset and even crying yesterday morning, because things were not going as smoothly as I had planned (and anyone who really knows me, knows I can easily get stressed when things are not as I expect them to be...eeeek! Type A personality, maybe?!?!).  Anyways, I took a moment and just asked God to forgive for being so selfish.  I mean, this is supposed to be the day that I focus on His completley unselfish love for me, and here I am upset that I don't have the food prepared, my son bathed, and myself dressed in a timely manner.  So after repenting and taking a few breaths, I gathered myself together and it actually ended up being a really special Easter.  I had such a lovely time in the presence of God at church.  Jude loved his Easter baskets (yes, that is meant to be plural...he gets plenty of love around here) and he had way more than his share of candy.  We all had the best time at our church's Easter egg hunt.  The eggs were actually delivered via helicopter...making it definitely the best egg hunt we've ever been to.  We hope you all had a blessed weekend and were able to make special memories too.  Happy Easter!

 Too pressure...all of this waiting. ;)

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  1. Oh Jess, your mom looks fabulous! All of you do! I'm thinking it's the hormones though ;) Thank God for those!