Monday, December 9, 2013

Tree Hunting on a Snowy Day

After getting hit with a lot of snow on Friday, we were kind of worried that our weekend plans were a bust.  According to Jude's Advent calendar we were supposed to go find our Christmas tree on Saturday.  Thankfully the snow didn't stop our favorite tree farm (you can see last year's visit here) from opening.  Dressed as warm as we could get, we ventured out early Saturday morning to find one.  The fresh snow and the clear blue sky made for the perfect setting for our tree hunt.  It didn't take us long to find THE tree.  She is a beautiful spruce which we promptly brought home, trimmed, and decorated.  Jude was pretty impressed with all of our ornaments.  He said, "Oh look, toys!!!" when we opened our collection up.  We are loving this season a ton over here.  Hope you are getting in the spirit of Christmas, too.

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