Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jude Sees The Reds

So I am forever late and a day in posting about this.  Let's just blame an internet router snafu and a bonkers schedule.  Anyhow we took Jude to his first game the weekend before his birthday.  It was kinda a little celebration with just the three of us.  Besides picking a crazy, hot September day to go, it was a lot of fun.  Now, we were not ignorant going into this event to think we would actually sit and enjoy an entire game...we are kinda becoming "little kid" parent experts.  Alright, just kidding about that, but we do know our son well enough to know he is not going to just sit for 9 innings.  After a little game watching we went exploring around the ballpark and then returned to the game.  I don't think he was bored the entire's almost like a kid paradise.  We ate lunch before the game, but we did get him a frozen treat while we there.  After a few bites of it though, we caught him digging into a peanut bag that belonged to the man beside us!!! We should've known better and bought him peanuts and cracker jacks. ;)


  1. You take the greatest snapshots! Helps when you have a cute model, I'm sure. :)
    I need to pick your brain about your blogging skills sometime!

    1. Thanks so much, Olivia! And yes, my little guy makes the picture taking skills look a lot better than they actually are. ;) Anytime that you want to talk about blogging, I would love to. I am still learning as I go, but it has been fun and definitely worthwhile! :)