Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We live in Carlisle...otherwise known as "small town which trains go through".  While trains tend to be an annoyance to the average adult (I mean, who loves getting stopped by a train with a car full of groceries or when you're late to work?), they seem to be seriously the best thing ever for a little boy.  When Jude hears a train pass by his eyes get saucer size and he says, "What's that?".  He proceeds to answer his own question excitedly, "CHOO, CHOO!!!".  He also loves to watch Chuggington (a train cartoon for all of you that are not Disney Junior watchers).  And while we are not too keen on him watching a lot of TV, when we do, this cartoon is a pretty cute one if I do say so myself.   So, with all of this train fascination we were happy to find that when we made a stop at the outlet mall over the weekend they had small train ride.  We were glad to oblige when Jude asked to ride.


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