Thursday, May 16, 2013

Becoming a Mom

 Do you know that feeling you get when you finish something that was really challenging?  I mean, the kind of something that you had to work really hard at and maybe even wanted to give up at times, but you stuck with it.  That feeling of completion is uh-mazing and oh, so rewarding!!!  Ever since I became a mother, this is exactly how I feel at the end of each day.  It is not the easiest task...being a mom (and all of the mothers say "amen").   One moment you feel as though you have it all under control and then, in the next moment you want to pull your hair out, scream, and perhaps even run away.  From being pregnant, to giving birth, to nurturing an infant, to understanding a toddler...each new phase brings new difficulties, BUT it's always the best ever and definitely rewarding.  There are plenty of days that I think, "I have no clue what I am doing!", but it is in those times I pray for God's grace to cover my faults.  I have found the greatest fulfillment in this calling of motherhood.  I sometimes reflect and cannot even remember what life was like before I had Jude.  I am so blessed that God allowed me to raise this precious boy.  Matt & I have been praying for another little one to join our family and know it will happen in His timing, but until then we will be taking it one day at a time with our little fellow.   So to all of the moms out there, "Don't give up!".  Our role is possibly the most important one out there.  Keep on loving, caring, and giving.  And at the end of each day, realize you made it through and then get some rest, because of course you will definitely need it. ;)

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