Monday, April 1, 2013

About Easter

What's not to like about Easter?!  It's pretty much the B E S T (although I think say that about every holiday).  Matt, Jude, & I had such an enjoyable time throughout the holiday weekend.  The fact that we celebrated a risen Savior was reason enough to make it so wonderful.  Add to that some quality family time, getting to wear your Sunday best, eating good food, watching Easter egg hunts, beginning our Spring Break, and hopefully saying goodbye to winter...well, it was just spectacular!  This was Jude's 2nd time to hunt Easter eggs but we are still not too sure he understood the concept.  Even so, he did make out pretty well!  We took A LOT of pictures over the weekend (including some family pictures which we will share later this week).  Here are a few of our favorites!

And this is how the end of a long & eventful weekend looks. ;)

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