Monday, February 11, 2013

***Happy Mattday***

Today is perhaps one of the greatest days...Matt's birthday!  Today he turns 30!!!  EEK!  It is hard to believe that both of us are leaving are 20s this year.  In honor of this great day here are 30 things that make this man so amazing.
  1. He is SO patient.  Seriously, I get impatient with myself before he does.
  2. He is trustworthy.
  3. He is handsome drop-dead gorgeous.
  4. He is creative. 
  5. He loves God.
  6. He loves me.
  7. He loves our son and is such a great dad.
  8. He is smart.
  9. He is a teacher.  I love that we can relate to each others' job...oh, and summers off together are great, too.
  10. He provides for our family.
  11. He is competitive.
  12. He listens to me.
  13. He knows how to cook...this comes in handy.
  14. He is humble.
  15. Did I mention his amazing eyes?
  16. He is thoughtful.
  17. He is an awesome youth pastor.
  18. He is a techie.
  19. He loves his family.
  20. He is stylish.  I never pick out his clothes...I would be awful at that anyhow.
  21. I love that we have so much in common.
  22. He somehow finds time for everyone.
  23. He has the best heart.
  24. His silver hair is smashing.
  25. He is dedicated.
  26. He is great at fixing things.
  27. He is athletic.
  28. He is generous.
  29. He is my best friend.
  30. He is a sneaker head.  WAIT, did I actually put that on this list???

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