Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Tree Farm

Last year we did away with our pre-lit Christmas tree and decided to get a live one.  Let me tell you, this was not an easy decision for me.  The idea of cleaning up dry pine needles was a little disconcerting; nevertheless, I relented for the love of two special guys in my life.  Now fast forward to this year...I was actually excited about the whole picking a live tree event.  This past weekend we ventured out to a Christmas tree farm and goodness, it was C O L D.  After about ten minutes Jude was not enthused with our walk around sixty-six acres of pines to try to find the "perfect one".  However, we prevailed, found one, and cut it down.  Our frozen selves were saved by a huge fireplace inside the venue's barn.  Our little home is now Christmas-ready with our tree and as for the new family continues to grow on me. :)  


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