Friday, June 12, 2015

Ezra Goes Creekin'

School's out!!!!  Finally, I am getting to spend some time with my babies for the summer.  One of the best things I like to do in the summer is take Jude to the creek.  It was one of my favorite pastimes growing up + I just want to carry on that tradition with my kiddos.  Now, we have a new fella to introduce to the creek.  With Ezra only being 7 months and just learning to sit up on his own, I knew this may not be the best event for him.  He proved me wrong, by loving putting his feet in the frrrreeeezing cold water + attempted to eat much sand + many rocks on the shore (giving me nothing short of a heart attack).  Jude + I tried our best catch minnows, but we weren't too successful this trip. He did enjoy play with his construction toys on the shore after being bummed about not catching wildlife. :)

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