Friday, December 7, 2012

A Time to Give

At a time when Christmas lists are being made and keep growing...
At a time when we are busy with parties and events...
At a time when our "to do" list seems to multiply daily...
Let us remember that this is a season of G I V I N G.

As leaders of our church youth, Haven, Matt & I started a giving-focused program a few years ago named, Christmas Reach.  The idea was that the students participate in various acts of kindness at Christmastime, and the hope was that they would lose focus of self and see others' needs.

This year one of our Christmas Reach events was bringing aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey.  Matt took a group to NJ last weekend.  Unfortunately, Jude & I were not able to attend due to sickness.  :(  Nevertheless, the students were able to help reconstruct homes that were completely destroyed by the flooding.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the reports throughout this week.  Most of the students indicated their desire to return and/or continue the relief effort in some way.  Oh my, they are so good at making me proud.    

Yes, I was A LOT jealous of them going to NYC for an evening!

Happy weekend!